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      Ace Tool and Engineering was founded in 1941 by Arthur Chester Edwards, whose initials formed his nickname, Ace. A third-generation company, Ace Tool was operated by Ace's daughter, Dorothea "Dot," for many years and since 1963 by Dot's son Steve Edwards and his wife Cheryl.
        The company has always adopted Ace's philosophy -- there is no job that can't be done;  the impossible takes a little longer -- that prevails today.
        While specializing in tooling and dies in the first 25 years, we have moved into manufacturing for the brick, mining, lumber and veneer industries. 
        While this makes up the largest portion of our business, we also always make time for farmers, grain mills, etc. Ace once took exception to a government inspector during World War II who told him that farm work wasn't allowed with the company's clearance for war work. Ace replied that the boys had to eat well before they could shoot well.
        In the last few years, Ace Tool has expanded to include CNC milling and plasma cutting.
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